Create Community with Our Homeless Neighbors at The Center in Hollywood
With Waste Not Want Not Now and The Center at Blessed Sacrament
Assignment Details
Flexible Role
Eery week, Monday-Thursday, 9:00 - 11:00 am
The Center at Blessed Sacrament, 6636 Selma Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028, United States
About the Assignment
Join The Center in Hollywood's mission to end isolation in homelessness by sharing community with people experiencing homelessness. The Center offers daily therapeutic enrichment activities to connect those who have aced trauma while living on the streets with a healthy, safe space.

Daily morning activities vary; you'll be chatting with participants over coffee, sharing your writing skills, playing an instrument during music hour, or joining a meditation and gentle yoga class.

Please click here to see The Center's weekly schedule. If a certain activity interests you, sign up for the corresponding day of the week in the "My Activities" section of your Timecounts profile.

Applications Open
About Waste Not Want Not Now and The Center at Blessed Sacrament
Waste Not Want Not Now rescues food that would otherwise be thrown out. The Center at Blessed Sacrament provides support for people experiencing homeless - these organizations have partnered to strengthen efforts and create community for the most vulnerable in Los Angeles.
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