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Terms and Conditions

United Way of the Crossroads works to advance the common good within the crossroads area (Victoria, DeWitt, Goliad and Lavaca counties) by creating opportunities for a better life for all. This is accomplished through our funding of programs and initiatives provided by partner agencies, participation in collaborative efforts and involving our community in solutions that benefit all of us. Participation in the organization’s programs is subject to the observance of the organization’s rules and procedures. The activities outlined below are strictly prohibited. Any participant or staff member who violates this Code is subject to discipline, up to and including removal from the program.
•Abusive language towards a staff member, volunteer or another participant.
•Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on a volunteer site or reporting to the program while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
•Bringing onto a volunteer site dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items.
•Discourtesy or rudeness to a fellow participant, staff member or volunteer.
•Verbal, physical or visual harassment of another participant, staff member or volunteer.
•Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group.
•Conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others.
•Failure to follow any agency policy or procedure.
•Bullying or taking unfair advantage of any participant.
•Failing to cooperate with an adult supervisor/leader/mentor.

By clicking below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the United Way of Victoria County’s Code of Conduct, agree to abide by the rules described above and understand that you may be removed as a participant if you violate any of these rules.
About United Way of the Crossroads
To improve lives in the Crossroads area by mobilizing the caring power of communities we serve. We will build stronger, safer and healthier communities by inspiring people to make a difference and together improve people’s lives.
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