Tien Lung TKD Casino 2023
With Tien Lung TKD
Event Details
20 - 22 February 2023
Pure Casino Yellowhead, 12464 153 St
Edmonton, AB, T5V 1S5, Canada
About the Event
Casino Volunteers Needed! If you are able to help us out, please sign up for a shift or two! the work is easy, and it is a relaxed fun time. A meal is provided for each shift. The club will reimburse you for child care and transportation to and from the Casino by taxi or bus (receipt must be submitted). Thank you in advance for your help; it is greatly appreciated!
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Available Roles
Controls Cashiers Cage floats of chips and cash. Assisted by Independent Cash Cage Advisor. Responsible for all documentation of all cash and chip transfers. Must be able to operate the Casino Track computer system. Training will be provided by the advisor during the casino event.
Maintains their own float. Cash experience is a must. Cashes in chips for players and makes change. This position is not recommended for color-blind volunteers.
Chip Runner
Chip Runners are responsible for chip orders (requests) to and from casino games. Must be prepared to move around and carry chips in the delivery racks (up to five pounds/2 kilograms). Chips are always transferred in the presence of a Security Guard. All chips are tracked by the Casino Track system. Chip Runners will be expected to operate a hand held computer used in tracking all chip transactions (fills, credits, openers, closers, etc.).
Count Room
Sorters, counters, recorders, and amalgamators count the cash from drop boxes collected from the table games. At least one volunteer should have cash handling skills. Volunteers must be adept with their hands. Recorder assists the Count Room Supervisor recording information into the Casino Track computer system.
Count Room Supervisor
Works with assistance of the Count Room Advisor in recording cash counts and ensures all drop boxes are accounted for. Required to handle cash and/or chips Required to input information in the Casino Track computer system.
General Manager
Responsible for total operation of casino including gaming floor, security, cashiers, cage, and count room. Must ensure a sufficient number of volunteers for each day. General Manager or the Alternate must be present in the casino at all times. Ensures signed cheques available to pay expenses on second evening. Controls drop box keys. For guidelines, refer to Casino Terms and Conditions booklet as per AGLC. Must be able to operate the Casino Track computer system & strong computer skills. Training will be provided by the advisor during the casino event.
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About Tien Lung TKD
To develop children & youth into fit, confident, and successful community leaders.
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