About Us
Our Mission:
The Rebecca Foundation is a nonprofit organization bringing clean diapers to in need families in the United States and Canada.
I have been part of The Rebecca Foundation for almost a year now and helping families in this capacity fills my heart with joy. Since a young age, my mom taught me to help where I can.
Tami Frank, Director of Programs
How We Work
The Rebecca Foundation is a 100% volunteer based organization with community based chapters lead by dedicated volunteers looking to make a change to families.
The Rebecca Foundation is a nonprofit cloth diaper lending program with local chapters across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With 1 in 3 families facing diaper need in the United States, TRF promotes a sustainable alternative to single-use diapers for families struggling to afford basic necessities for their child. Many TRF chapters also provide disposable diapers for families unable to incorporate cloth diapers into their lifestyle or in times of emergency relief after natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey.

TRF is a 100% volunteer-run organization based out of Bend, Oregon and is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network.
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