Winter/Spring Dining Hall Volunteers
With The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army North & South Carolina Division

Volunteer Application

This form is designed for Applicants requesting to volunteer for the dining hall. Please include all information requested. Answer questions to the best of your ability. All information will be treated confidentially.



Primary Address


Cell Phone Number



Please allow us to email you otherwise you will not receive confirmations, reminders or future opportunities.

What are you interested in doing?

If you are employed, where do you work?

Sometimes companies ask us, if any of their employees volunteer with us.

If you are a student, what school do you attend?

We are so proud of all of our students. We want to know who you represent.


Some opportunities have an age limit.

How did you hear about us?

If you are interested in just short term opportunities or community service, please stop here.



If you are organizing a group, please list the total number of volunteers.

Please explain any felony or misdemeanor charges.

Terms and Conditions

If you are to be seriously considered for a long term volunteer position with The Salvation Army, you may be asked for your authorization to initiate a background check and/or credit check. Will you agree to this?

Terms and Conditions

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application and understand that any false or misleading statements or material omissions are cause for my inability to volunteer on behalf of The Salvation Army. I hereby authorize former and present employers/volunteer organizations, except as I have otherwise indicated on this application, references and other sources to provide or verify any information that they have have regarding me, my employment and/or volunteer service with them to The Salvation Army and release them from any liability arising from the furnishing of any employment/volunteer information.

I understand that I will not receive any monetary compensation as a result of volunteer activities performed on behalf of The Salvation Army.

I further certify that I recognize that The Salvation Army is a church and agree that I will do nothing to undermine its religious mission.
Event Details
Saturday 5 January 2019, 6am–31 May 5:30pm EDT
The Salvation Army, Greenville
About The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army's mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
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