Join Our 4 Days in April Campaign & Clean Up the Cootes Watershed!
Each week, volunteers work to rid the entire Cootes Watershed of litter and debris. Register Below!
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Bringing Back Pristine Streams - Let's Get Started in April!
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Join Us for Our 4 Days in April Campaign!
Let's Kick Off the 2017 Field Season Together
We have so much cleaning up to do and we need your help! Each year, we love to kickoff the season with our '4 Days in April' campaign - 4 Sundays dedicated to ridding the Cootes watershed of litter and debris! BONUS: this year, we have a 5th Sunday in April. One extra day to show the watershed some love.

Since 2012, our volunteers have been working towards the goal of making the entire Cootes Watershed healthy, beautiful, and pristine by removing years of litter and debris that have collected in and near our waterways. We work together every weekend from April through October to get the job done.

Sign up as a volunteer using the links below and register for our upcoming weekend cleanups. Be a part of Bringing Back Pristine Streams!
Where in the Watershed Am I?
Did you know that we have a sister organization running cleanups in the Red Hill Watershed?
This year is extra special - we are launching a sister organization in the Red Hill watershed! Check out the map (right) to learn where the Cootes and Red Hill watersheds are located. If you'd like to learn more about activities taking place in the Red Hill watershed, visit their hub:

Register for events in the Cootes Watershed below!
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About Our Work
Regular weekend cleanups to make it pristine. Monthly visits afterward to keep it that way.
We meet on alternating Saturdays and Sundays for 3 hours to clean up different sites in the Cootes Watershed. During this time, volunteers work hard to remove any and all garbage visible from their site, which can include anything and everything from water bottle caps to shopping carts!

We divide the work into three terrain categories: Easy, Moderate, and Rugged - something for everyone! When you sign up, let us know which terrain suits you best and we'll match you with a Cleanup Crew. We supply the equipment: gloves (all sizes), bags, buckets, and even chest waders for the in-water work we do in the summertime.

Once a reach of the watershed is pristine, we assign it to a Volunteer Monthly Steward to look after it. They will monitor and maintain their site to keep it pristine.
Bringing Positive Change
By helping us remove litter from the Cootes Watershed, we are preventing wildlife from becoming entangled in debris, or becoming sick by ingesting plastics and other garbage. Plastics in the water also break down into microplastics, which move up through the food chain with impacts we have yet to understand.

We also take care of systemic stressors that negatively impact the watershed, such as illegal or problematic drainage from neighbouring properties. The City of Hamilton and Hamilton Conservation are wonderful partners in this.

From our observations, once an area has been cleaned, people are much less likely to drop litter there, so you can be assured that the work you put into a cleanup is going to be appreciated by all.
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