Solaura 2021 Volunteer Form

Thanks for applying to volunteer at Solaura Fest! We're so excited to put together another amazing festival with you; and without your help and hard work we couldn't make it happen! Let's get this show on the road...

For all volunteers for Solaura 2021, we are offering three options:

1. A half-price ticket in return for a single shift of work (one 4-6 hour shift) during the festival!
2. A fully comped ticket in return for 1.5 days of work from Wednesday evening - Friday morning to help set everything up!
3. A 2/3s comped ticket in return for 7-8 hours of teardown from Sunday afternoon: 2 PM to 9 PM.

How this will work:

1. Fill out this form here.
2. You'll get an email with a link to purchase a full-price volunteer ticket!
3. A couple days after the festival, we'll refund you for the appropriate ticket amount for your successful shift!




Primary Phone

Which volunteering option would you like?

If volunteering during Solaura, when will you arrive and be ready to help out?

How did you hear about this volunteering opportunity?

Final comments! Do you have anything else to contribute that you'd like to tell us about?

About Solaura Festival
Solaura is the golden hour of summer, an annual gathering of Bay Area folks around tasty live music, beach bumming, camping underneath beautiful redwoods, and acoustic jam sessions around bonfires.
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