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We're on a mission to love our neighbors and renew the communities of central Oklahoma. We're stoked you want to join our team!

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Each volunteer MUST have their own email address. If you try to use the same email for your children, the system won't be able to tell the difference between you and you'll have trouble scheduling shifts on projects.





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Volunteer Release & Waiver

Please read this waiver and sign to accept responsibility for your well-being.
I, the above Participant, and, if Participant is a minor, I, the below Parent/Legal Guardian of the Participant (collectively, “Participant”), in order be allowed to participate in the various service projects (“Project”) for Serve More, Inc. (“Serve More”), hereby agree as follows:

A. Permission For Medical Treatment.
Participant hereby grants permission to any Serve More employee, project staffer, group leader, counselor, or adult present or in charge of first aid to obtain necessary medical attention in case of sickness, injury or an emergency involving Participant, including without limitation, transporting Participant to a medical facility and sharing the information contained in this Volunteer Liability Release with medical personnel. Participant further hereby grants permission for medical personnel to administer necessary medical care.

B. Onsite Activities Acknowledgement and Permission.
Participant acknowledges that various risks are inherent in volunteering for a Project, and Participant expressly agrees and promises to accept and assume all of the risks existing and associated with Project activities, including without limitation, painting, installing doors, installing windows, building porches, constructing wheelchair ramps, conducting cleanup activities, scraping paint and removing debris from the Project site and travel to and from each Project site, and Participant has elected to volunteer with full knowledge of, and in spite of, such risks. Furthermore, Participate agrees to abide by the rules and policies of Serve More, as well as reasonable instructions and directions given by Serve More employees, project staffers, group leaders or counselor. If Participant observes any unusual or hazardous conditions while volunteering, Participant will immediately bring such condition to the attention of the nearest Serve More employee, project staffer, group leader or counselor. Finally, Participant shall not operate power tools or work on sloped roofs unless Participant is both (1) given express permission by a Serve More employee, project staffer, group leader or counselor, and (2) at least 18 years of age (except in the event power drills or hand sanders are to be used, then Participant must only be at least 16 year of age).

C. Photograph/Video/Acknowledgement and Permission.
By executing this Volunteer Liability Release, Participant hereby grants Serve More permission to use any photographs, videos or likeness of Participant in its publications, including without limitation, Serve More’s website, social media entries, advertisements, promotions, news-related materials and other printed materials, without payment or any other consideration from Serve More to Participant. Participant acknowledges and agrees that such photographs, videos or likeness automatically become the property of Serve More and will not be returned. Further, Participant hereby authorize Serve More to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute such photographs, videos or likeness for the aforementioned purposes or for any other lawful purpose. If Participant does not wish for Serve More to use any photographs, videos or likeness, then Participant understands that it is Participant’s sole responsibility to notify Serve More before any photographs or videos are taken.

D. Release and Indemnity.
Participant, his or her Parents or Legal Guardians if Participant is under 18 years of age, and his or her successors and heirs (collectively, “Indemnitor”) hereby RELEASES, DISCHARGES, and AGREES TO INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS Serve More, its employees, representatives, agents, trustees, directors, contractors, affiliates, successors and assigns, the onsite volunteer headquarters and Project home and property owner(s) (collectively, the “Indemnitees”) from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that Indemnitor may hereafter have or hereafter cause to be brought against Indemnitee for injuries, death, losses or damages arising out of or relating in any manner to Participant’s presence upon or participation in any activity conducted at or around a Project site in connection with Participant’s volunteering with Serve More, even if attributable to the negligence or fault of Indemnitee. Indemnitor agrees not to sue or initiate any claim against Indemnitee for damages or other losses sustained as a result of Participant’s presence upon or participation in any activity conducted at or around a Project site. It is specifically agreed that Indemnitee shall not be responsible or liable for any of Participant’s personal property that may be lost, damaged or stolen in connection with Participant’s activity at or around a Project site. It is also agreed that any harm, injury or damage that Participant may cause to Indemnitee or Indemnitee’s property shall be Indemnitor’s sole responsibility, and Indemnitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Indemnitee in the event such harm, injury or damage does occur. Indemnitor also assumes full personal responsibility for all medical bills for Participant, including transportation costs.

E. Understanding.
Participant acknowledges that he, she or they (1) have completely read and understand this Volunteer Liability Release and all its terms and all matters referred to herein, and the signatures below are a voluntary, free act and deed, (2) have had ample opportunity to obtain the advice of counsel, (3) understand that certain legal rights and remedies that may have otherwise been available to Participant may be relinquished, (4) understand that this Volunteer Liability Release is intended to be as broad of a liability release as is permitted by the laws of the State of Oklahoma, and if any provision of this Volunteer Liability Release is held to be invalid, the balance of this Volunteer Liability Release nevertheless shall continue in full force and effect, (5) agree to never share confidential information of Serve More without the consent of an authorized representative of Serve More, or as required by operation of law, (6) understand that Participant is not authorized to speak to media regarding any matters involving Serve More without prior consent of an authorized representative of Serve More, (7) agree that should any dispute, conflict or claim arise from this Volunteer Liability Release or the matters described herein, to submit any such dispute, conflict or claim to mediation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (8) acknowledge that a copy of this Volunteer Liability Release, as signed, shall be treated as authentic and binding as the original, and (9) acknowledge that this Volunteer Liability Release is a material inducement to Serve More to consent to Participant’s participation as a volunteer for a Project and that, but for the execution of this instrument, Serve More would not permit Participant to attend or perform any volunteer services for a Project.

Parent/Guardian Name (if Volunteer is a Minor)

Enter your name here IF the volunteer is a minor under the age of 18.
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