Serve More connects you with Neighbors who need a little love. Team up with other volunteers to change lives!
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We're on a mission to empower people to love their neighbors by renewing communities in central Oklahoma.
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Welcome to the Serve More Volunteer Hub. Here you'll find all you need to join our mission to love our neighbors. We're committed to renewing communities by mobilizing volunteers so we're glad you're interested. Use the tabs above to see open Opportunities.

If you haven't applied to Serve More yet, you'll see all the One-Time Projects (called Events). If you're ready to join the team and claim an Ongoing Assignment, swipe back to the top and click any button that says "Join."
Neighborhood Renewal Project
Together, we served the Reyes Family and the Britt Family by renewing their homes.
Our Neighborhood Renewal program is an amazing chance for you to #LoveYourNeighbor by doing small service projects for the elderly, disabled, single-parents, and veterans in our city. Every month, Serve More offers a Saturday project for you, your family, your friends, or your coworkers to jump in and help out by painting, doing yard cleanup, and planting flowers.
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