Delivery Driver
With Revolutionary Earth
Assignment Details
Around two hours on Saturday afternoons, beginning at about noon.
People of Hope ELCA, 3703 Country Club Rd SW
Rochester, MN, 55902, United States
About the Assignment
We rely on volunteer delivery drivers to bring our produce boxes the last mile to our food-insecure subscribers and the stewards who watch over our gardens. We ask that drivers arrive at People of Hope Lutheran Church at noon to begin their routes. All routes are designed to include 4–6 stops and take usually around 60–90 minutes to complete.
Application Process
Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken through a simple form. This will get you qualified as a delivery driver and make the delivery driver schedule available to you. Browse the schedule and find a day that you'd like to volunteer. You'll be automatically confirmed and we will contact you to remind you ahead of your delivery day.
-Arriving on time at the processing site
-Helping to pack boxes into vehicle
-Following a set route to each location
-Calling back to "home base" if there are issues
What to Expect
We will load your vehicle with about 4–6 produce boxes. These boxes should be delivered to each location where a subscriber will be waiting. When you arrive, ask the subscriber to unload the produce box in their home and return it to you. The reusable crate can be returned to People of Hope church at the end of your deliveries.
Applications Open
About Revolutionary Earth
We grow the best food for the most disadvantaged people in Rochester, Minnesota.
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