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Rochester, Olmsted
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Our Mission:
We grow the best food for the most disadvantaged people in Rochester, Minnesota.
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Get Connected with Events
Signing up for an event is easy. Just scroll down to COME TO THE GARDENS! and click on "Sign up for an Event!" If you just want to be kept up to date, click on "Join us!" and get signed up as a volunteer.

Once you're signed up, any time you come back to this hub, you'll see your upcoming events listed under the Opportunities tab. You can also sign up fo
Apply for a Position
To help with harvesting, packing, or delivering, scroll down to BRING OUR PRODUCE THE LAST MILE and choose a role. Once you fill out the application, you'll have access to the schedule for that role.

On a desktop, go to the Opportunities tab (on mobile look for the hamburger icon) then on the sidebar choose "Available Shifts." You'll be able to sign up to help up to a month in advance.
Join the Corps
Scroll down to MAKE A DEEPER COMMITMENT for a chance to sign up as a member of the Compassion Corps, as a Steward, or as a Lead Farmer. A Revolutionary Earth officer will communicate with you once you've completed one of these forms, and there's no separate schedule for these opportunities. Just keep a look out for an email or text from Revolutionary Earth.
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