First Line Weatherization
With Project Warm

First Line Weatherization

Basic Volunteers (Level 1)
-Hang interior plastic window coverings
-Discuss basic energy saving tips with residents
-Assess for other needs: smoke alarms, missing primary glass in windows, changing the furnace filter and more.

Trained Volunteers (Level 2)
-Weatherstrip doors
-Replace/install locks on doors
-Caulk windows
-Seal air leaks around pipes
-Seal missing window panes with insulation board
-Seal around window a/c units
-Measure windows for replacement glass
-Discuss energy saving tips with each resident

Skilled Volunteers (Level 3)
-Replace glass
-Plane & re-hang doors
-Seal air leaks in walls and ceilings
-Check vent & cold air return ducts if needed
-Discuss basic energy saving tips with resident





How'd you hear about Project Warm?

What interests you about weatherization? What skills would you like to learn by volunteering for First Line?

Are you interested in talking to residents about energy management tips?

What skill level would you like to learn for First Line? 1, 2 or 3?

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About Project Warm
The mission of Project Warm is to provide energy conservation services and education, and to promote energy-saving practices in the community.
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