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With Project Warm
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6 November 2021
Project Warm, 800 South Preston St
Louisville, Kentucky, 40203, United States
About the Event
Please Read The Following Information!

Please click volunteer at the bottom of this page and choose if you will be a team leader or member.

**In order to sign up as a team member, you must have your team leader already sign up. **

Team leader and member registration deadline is Oct. 22nd, 2021!

Project Warm will be hosting a Drive-Thru Blitz this November instead of the usual 'hands-on' Blitz to winterize homes. Volunteers will pick up self-assembly kits and a boxed breakfast between 9 & 10 am on November 6th, 2021 in a drive-thru fashion and drop off kits at 4-6 homes around Jefferson county.

Team Leader Blitz Meetings will take place 3 times before this event, which team leaders must attend. Links will be sent through email from
Team Leader Meeting Dates: Sept 9th, 5pm / Oct. 7th, 5pm / Nov. 2nd, 5pm
Please contact Courtney with any questions about being a team leader or member for The Blitz!


Teams will consist of 2-3 people total. (1 team leader and 1-2 team members.) Team leaders must recruit their other members.

Team members must have a team leader before signing up as a member.

Team Leaders must be able to drive and use their own vehicle for the day of The Drive-Thru Blitz.

Teams will have 4-6 homes to deliver self-assembly kits to and be assigned these before the Blitz.

Team leaders will call their designated homes to let them know they will be coming to drop off kits a couple of days before and the day of The Blitz to notify.
487 slots remaining
Available Roles
Team Leader
Team Leaders have a bit more responsibility than team members! Please read the description for each to find out what will suit you best. Team Leader Responsibilities: -Team leaders must recruit their own team members for the day of the Blitz, (1-2) and have them sign up through the signup link after leaders have already signed up. -Team Leaders are to attend Microsoft Teams Meetings for the Blitz 9/9/21, 10/6/21 and 11/2/21 all at 5 pm to discuss protocols for the day of The Blitz and any questions volunteers may have about registering/etc. Links for the meetings will be sent through email by -Team leaders will also call all assigned clients 2 days before The Drive-Thru Kit Pick up and Drop Off and the day of The Blitz before they drive to their homes.
Problem Solving
Team Leadership
Team Member
Team members are on a team of 2-3 volunteers for the Drive-Thu Blitz pick-up and drop-off event. Teams will consist of 1 leader and two other members. Volunteers who are interested in being a member must already have a team leader signed up before them, (this is because team leaders are going to be driving and using their own vehicles). Team members will be given all information from their team leaders on what to expect for The Blitz.
487 slots remaining
487 slots remaining
About Project Warm
The mission of Project Warm is to provide energy conservation services and education, and to promote energy-saving practices in the community.
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487 slots remaining