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500 people
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$29.00 per month
$29.00 / mo
up to 500 people
That's just 5.8¢ per person per month!
Choose a plan:
Premium Plus
  • 1 collaborator
  • 1 signup form
  • organization database
  • time crediting
  • filter and tagging
  • organization profile
  • everything in Basic Plan
  • 10 collaborators
  • team inbox
  • unlimited forms
  • unlimited events and scheduling
  • insights and reporting
  • advanced form features
  • 50 free SMS
  • organization hub
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Everything in the Premium Plan
  • Turnkey Setup Service
  • Personalized Training
  • Dedicated Account Specialist
  • Custom Data Imports
  • Filtering and Export
people, $29.00 / mo priced
Up to 500 people, that's only 5.8¢ per person, or the equivalent of just 1.3 volunteer hours* per year!
Base price includes your first 500 people.
Free for two weeks.
Frequently Asked Questions
Curious about something specific?
Ask the help desk
What if I don’t know how many people I have in my organization?
Don’t worry, Timecounts automatically calculates the size of your organization each month. We want to grow alongside you and our pricing aims to reflect that. If you purchase an annual plan, you are estimating your organization size for the year but you will only pay for what you use.
I need to schedule and manage volunteers for an event - do I still need a monthly plan?
Yes, to use the events and scheduling features you need to be on the Premium plan - but you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If there’s a period in the year when you will not be actively managing volunteers, you can switch to the Basic plan. We want you to be able to maintain your data, credit volunteer time and keep recruitment open, with the flexibility to pay for Premium features when you need it.
Do you offer introductory training?
Definitely. If you are looking for something more hands-on, we provide introductory training sessions for individuals and teams. Email, to find out more. Our new Premium Plus plan incorporates a setup fee and initial orientation, along with a dedicated support advisor for organizations that want help one-to-one.
What is the cost of SMS text messaging packages?
Text messaging bundles can be added to your account by emailing Text messages are rolled over from month to month, and the pricing is: $100 = 2000 SMS ($0.05/text), $20 = 250 SMS ($0.08/text), $5 = 50 SMS ($0.10/text).
Do I own my data? What about privacy and security?
Timecounts hosts all of your data on secure servers, and you can export it at any time. We don’t share your data with any other companies or organizations without your consent. We feel strongly about ensuring your privacy and give admins permission controls. Learn more by reading our terms and conditions.
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