Find the plan that's right for you
Monthly Billing
Annual Billing
3 Months Free!
Essential tools to kickstart your volunteer community
All of our Standard Features, plus:
250 Emails / mo *
One Signup Form
Two Admins
Self-Service Help Centre Support
Coming Soon:
Background Check Integration
Advanced reporting and organizing tools that save time
 per month, billed annually 
Everything in Free, plus:
2,500 Emails / mo *
Unlimited Forms
10 Admins
Email/Chat Support
Document Storage 500MB
Reporting Insights
Repeating Shifts
Checklist with Expiry Reminders
Premium Hub Features
Supercharge recruitment and volunteer engagement
 per month, billed annually 
Everything in Premium, plus:
5,000 Emails / mo *
25 Admins
Priority Support
Document Storage 1GB
Coming Soon:
Group Registration
Applicant Tracking Automation
Custom solutions to scale organizations and networks
Unlimited Admins
Dedicated Customer Support
Team Permissions
Custom Domain
Single Sign-On (SSO)
API Access
All Prices in USD. *Topups available on all plans.
Timecounts' Standard Features:
Unlimited Community Database
Fully Customizable Hub
Unlimited Roles and Assignments
Unlimited Events and Scheduling
Unlimited Auto-Confirmations, Invites and Reminders
Credit Volunteer Time
Frequently Asked Questions:
Curious about something specific? Check out the help center.
Is the Free Plan really free?
Yes! You heard that right. The free plan comes with everything you’ll need to recruit and schedule your volunteer community. You may decide to unlock additional features by upgrading to a paid tier or purchase add-ons, but that is completely up to you.
Are there additional fees?
We do not charge licensing fees or have hidden charges to use Timecounts.
What are my billing options?
You can choose between monthly and annual billing. Annual plans are prepaid for a year, which comes with a significant 25% discount (3 months free).
Do you offer a nonprofit discount?
Most of our customers are nonprofits or community-based organizations, so we have made all of our plans affordable (or free).
What’s the difference between unlimited auto-messages and the messages allowed in my monthly plan?
All plans come with unlimited automated emails; these include confirmations, reminders, and invites. In a nutshell, any triggered communication that is critical to volunteer signup and scheduling is included for free. In addition, each plan has a number of emails they can use each month for custom messages or responding to volunteer queries. To keep track of message counts, look under Settings, where you can also top up with a email or SMS add-on or upgrade to a plan with higher limits.
Can I purchase more email credits?
Yes! If you think you will go over your email plan limits, you can top-up by purchasing email add-ons in your Billing tab under Settings. Unlike your monthly plan, these credits do not expire and are available as a reserve when you need it.

$10 = 1,000 E-mail Credits
$25 = 5,000 E-mail Credits
$100 = 50,000 E-mail Credits
Do you offer text messaging (SMS)?
Absolutely! Text messaging is an add-on feature to keep costs low for organizations that don’t require it. Simply purchase an SMS bundle from the Billing tab under Settings. SMS credits do not expire.

$10 = 100 SMS Credits
$20 = 250 SMS Credits
$100 = 2000 SMS Credits
Do I have to worry about you selling my email or data?
No. Your contact information and private data are yours and yours alone. We will never sell private information or lists - it is simply not part of our company ethos, and we do not use advertising to generate revenue.
How secure is my data?
Timecounts hosts all your data on secure servers inside a ISO 27001 and FISMA certified data center. We run regular penetration testing and all software is peer reviewed before deployment. You you can export your data at any time. We do not share or provide access to your data with any other companies or organizations without your consent. Learn more by reading our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.