St. Albert Pride
With Outloud St. Albert
Event Details
18 June 2022
Rotary Park, 2 Rodeo Drive
St. Albert, AB, Canada
About the Event
Available Roles
Bouncy Castle
Monitor the bouncy castle to ensure it does not go over capacity
First Aid
Assist with the first aid tent in cases of minor injuries, slight dehydration, and providing a "calm space" for those experiencing struggles at the event
First Aid
Support the event wherever is needed most during that time. Entails a lot of running around.
Green Team
Responsible for ensuring the space is maintained throughout the event. Pickup garbage, ensure recycling, etc.
Merch Sales
Merch volunteers are responsible for selling Outloud and pride merch at the merch table, collecting payment (either via cash or Square Reader), ensuring "sold out" signs are put on sold out merch, ensuring merch is stocked, etc
Direct people away from "no parking" zones and into permitted parking areas.
Prep tasks before the event including packing swag bags, making buttons, etc. *All prep is done either at Outloud Office or at event site*
Volunteer lead
You will be responsible for leading the team of volunteers that you're assigned to - volunteers will check in and out with you and get direction if needed. You will have a direct line to Outloud staff.
About Outloud St. Albert
Outloud aims to create safe and caring places and spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, adults and families in St. Albert and area.
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