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Service Agreement

MUSA will take your preferences into account when it comes to selecting volunteers for specific tasks. You will be able to add your name to a roster for set events at any time during the year.

  • Should you be unable to come to any scheduled shift, please notify as soon as possible.

  • At the beginning of the volunteer period, MUSA will offer introductory sessions with a walk-through of the MUSA offices, so you can become familiar with personnel/equipment that can help you.

  • MUSA expects its volunteers to be reliable, i.e.: show up on time and do the task agreed upon. MUSA also expects you to show initiative and good judgement, e.g.: react calmly when situations turn in an unexpected manner and find manageable solutions. MUSA aims to have volunteers work in pairs, if not in small groups where possible, to maximise team support.

  • MUSA will provide you with an online schedule of events and volunteering opportunities, as well as the approximate time you will need to be available as a volunteer.

  • MUSA staff will document your commitment and level of service that you provide, which will form the basis for the written recommendation and certificate you will receive at the end of the year in recognition of your service to MUSA.

Code of conduct

MUSA has created a Code of Conduct to inform volunteers on the standards of behaviour we expect from you. We ask MUSA volunteers to act honestly, conscientiously, reasonably and in good faith when carrying out their duties and in their relationships or interactions with other people.

Expected Behaviours
We expect from MUSA volunteers that you:
  • Adhere to MUSA's general policies, including the Health & Safety policy (Available on

  • Be present at the agreed times.

  • Inform the Student Engagement Coordinator if you are not able to volunteer.

  • Follow reasonable instructions for tasks you signed up for.

  • Carry out your tasks fully in a safe, efficient and competent way.

  • Be respectful to and supportive of fellow volunteers in your team.

  • Are courteous and supportive to the public.

  • Wear MUSA volunteer tops whenever possible during your tasks.

  • Refrain from adding items of personal persuasion to your MUSA volunteer top.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained while volunteering.

  • Observe safety procedures such as notifying MUSA as soon as possible about the hazard or potential hazards when you encounter them.

  • Notify the Student Engagement Coordinate if you are no longer able to volunteer.

As a MUSA volunteer, please do not:
  • Act in a way that may bring MUSA into disrepute (including the use of email, social media and other internet sites, engaging with media).

  • Use your position as a volunteer to benefit yourself by seeking gifts, offers or rewards.

  • Engage in any activity that may cause physical or mental harm of yourself or another person (such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, sexual or racial harassment, bullying).

  • Be adversely affected by alcohol, medication or non-prescription drugs while volunteering.

  • Engage in any activity that may wilfully damage our property.

  • Have unauthorised possession of property belonging to anyone else

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead to a notification of unacceptable behaviour and a warning or the immediate end to your services as a MUSA volunteer. Repeated breaches of the Code of Conduct will lead to the immediate end of your services as a MUSA volunteer.
All other volunteer documents, such as the volunteer policy and job description, can be found on
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