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Be a part of an incredible and loving team who is committed to making the Traveler's teachings available
MSIA Connect Volunteer Portal
Los Angeles, California
About Us
Our Mission:
To make the Teachings available to those who are looking for them by cultivating a growing student community through relevant, clear, inspiring, empowering, and relatable content that connects to the lives and experiences of anyone seeking to study Soul Transcendence. ✨
Service is the highest form of consciousness in the physical world.
John-Roger, DSS, MSIA Founder
Welcome to the MSIA Connect Volunteer Portal
Guiding Principles:

• Our content is based on authentic, real, and loving expression.
• Wherever possible, we create direct points of contact with the Traveler and Christ Consciousness through media and quotations.
• We make it easy to access and share the joy of studying Soul Transcendence by providing user-friendly online pathways and resources that unobtrusively invite seekers to the next step of their journey.
• We empower a community of creative and enthusiastic students of the Teachings, organically sharing and growing the work of Soul Transcendence globally through meaningful heartfelt connection and powerful content.

How can you join us? Check out our Opportunities page to see a full list of our current volunteer projects. Choose a project in which you'd like to participate.

If you still have questions come chat with us by selecting a time at or email us at We would love to hear from you!
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MSIA Connect Volunteer Portal
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MSIA Connect Volunteer Portal