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HiEHiE Project
Honolulu, Hawaii
About Us
Our Mission:
Bringing HiEHiE to HONOLULU.
"It's everybody's problem – it's all of our problem – and if we don't try to address it together then it's never going to get solved,"
Joey Manahan, Councilman
What Drives Us
We believe that all human beings have an inborne dignity which cannot be diminished. Hiehie is the Hawaiian way to express this inalienable sense of dignity.
We chose this name for the mobile hygiene services we provide throughout our O`ahu home to help individuals experiencing homelessness to remember that they can still project their dignity to the world. Like clean water, access to bathing facilities is a basic human right.

Bathing and basic hygiene also serve the individual's and the community's hiehie by reducing infections and disease, improving a sense of self-worth, as well as allowing those currently in homelessness to connect with basic social and community services without having to walk through an office door.

We are working with over 40 local and national partners to provide essential, but often ignored services like bathing and hygiene. The data Project Hiehie is compiling can be of great value in addressing the homelessness
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