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The Milton Abbey Heritage Trust has been established as a registered charity for the protection, restoration, educational interpretation and development of The Abbey, St. Catherine’s Chapel and the surrounding Capability Brown landscape as buildings and land of historical and architectural importance. The Bishop of Salisbury has supported the Trust, working together to promote Christian worship and an enhanced visitor experience at The Abbey.
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The Abbey Community at Milton Abbey
Your participation with us is very welcome and we have created several ways for you to be informed of progress and if you wish, to be involved with our work.
The Abbey Community will be delighted to welcome you to join us and we encourage you to complete the application section of this site.
There are three ways for you to become an affiliate and share in this important work:
• As a Member of The Abbey Community.
• As an Associate of The Abbey Community.
• As a ‘Companion of The Abbey’.
As an affiliate at any level you can also join our volunteering team and help with the work as and when you can without any heavy commitment.
Abbey Provost Chris Jervis gives ‘The St. Helier Lecture’ in the capital of Jersey
The 2017 St. Helier Lecture entitled ‘The Five Solas of the Reformation’ provided a robust academic assessment of five vital theological foci which emerged from the Protestant Reformation in Europe. The catalyst for this theme was provided by the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s great challenge to the Catholic church when he hammered his 95 theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Saxony. The celebration of that deed fell on the last day of October 2017.

In this lecture, our Provost Reverend Christopher Jervis not only assesses the historical and theological significance of these important themes, but he then poses some challenging rhetorical questions which highlight the contemporary relevance of these reformation principles.
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Abbey Newsletter - Autumn 2017
The Milton Abbey Summer Exhibition 2017
Following the popular Capability Brown exhibition last year, a new exhibition was presented this year from 7th July until 31st August, entitled "History, Heritage and Landscape". *SEE 2018 PLANS SOON*
Pamela Phillips, chairman of The Milton Abbas History Group said: “We are delighted that once again the very special heritage of this village and Abbey is being exhibited and is becoming more widely recognised for its unique and inspiring qualities. As a group we are looking forward to enhancing our knowledge of the history of the area”.
A new feature included displays recording the History and Heritage associated with the Abbey. Ranging from the foundation by King Athelstan, the first king of all England, to the Benedictine monastic period, the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, to the dramatic tenure of Lord Milton, who destroyed the old town of Middleton, created the village of Milton Abbas, and hired Capability Brown to create the glorious landscape we enjoy today.
How to become a Milton Abbey Volunteer
The Abbey relies heavily on its team of volunteers to provide a warm Ministry of Welcome to its worshippers and visitors. Volunteering at the Abbey can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.
Before the Reformation in 1540, the Abbey was a community of Benedictine monks. One of the Benedictine rules is to welcome all visitors as if you were welcoming Christ himself. We continue to welcome visitors according to this Benedictine rule and our staff, volunteer stewards and guides are responsible for offering our visitors a high quality experience and warm welcome.
Behind the scenes, volunteers help with everything from fundraising to refreshments. If you have a few hours a week to spare, we would love to hear from you. In return for donating their time and skills, our volunteers receive free entry to The Abbey Exhibitions, personal training, and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to preserve over a thousand years of history for future generations.
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