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*Any volunteers below the age of 18, but at least 16 years of age, will be required to supply the written consent AND/OR physical supervision of a parent/guardian.

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For your reference, volunteer engagements typically begin at 9 am, and do not extend past 8 pm. However, there are occasional events that will require volunteers outside of those times. Please indicate your weekly availability here.

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Here at the LGBT Life Center, we recognize that not everyone has the same level of ability all the time. While these answers may affect the type of volunteer opportunities you are able to assist the LGBT Life Center with, it does not determine your eligibility to volunteer with our organization!

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If you have volunteer experience, have you ever volunteered with the LGBT Life Center before? If so, to what extent?


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OATH OF CONFIDENTIALITY I hereby confirm and agree that all records & communications, written and verbal, direct and indirect, received by me as a volunteer, employee, or client of LGBT Life Center, a Virginia charitable organization, are strictly and absolutely confidential. I agree not to divulge any such information at any time to any unauthorized persons. Authorized persons include current employees of LGBT Life Center, current trustees of LGBT Life Center. I understand that I may be held personally responsible for any violation of this oath and that my liability may include payment of damages and other penalties as provided by local, state and federal law. In addition, I hereby agree to abide by and uphold the written policies, office procedures, and verbal directives of LGBT Life Center, as set out by LGBT Life Center's staff and trustees. I assume this obligation of confidentiality now and forever.
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