HSCA Casino 2019
With Hillhurst Sunnyside
Event Details
10 - 12 July 2019
4040 Blackfoot Trail SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 4E6, Canada
About the Event
Celebrate Stampede by volunteering with HSCA!

Volunteer with us during the 2019 HSCA casino fundraiser to help raise over $50 000 for your community!

We are looking for about 35 volunteers over 2 days, including, general managers, bankers, cashiers, chip runners, countroom supervisors, and countroom staff.
Available Roles
Bankerwaiting list
The role of the banker is to supervise the cash cage. This includes documenting all cash cage transactions, ensuring the security of the chips and cash in the cash cage, and holding the cashiers accountable for the chips and cash they manage while on duty. The banker reports to the general manager and is responsible for cashiers and chip runners.
Casino Cashier
The cashier's role is similar to a bank teller’s. The cashier interacts directly with casino players. Any transactions over $200 must be witnessed by the general manager, banker or cash cage advisor. The cashier reports to the banker and works with the general manager, banker, financial control supervisor, advisor, and casino players.
Chip Runnerwaiting list
The chip runner opens and closes tables, delivers chip fills from the banker to game tables, delivers credits from game tables to the banker and may assist the general manager with other duties. The chip runner reports to the banker and works with the general manager and gaming table personnel
Count Room Supervisor
The count room supervisor is responsible for all count room staff and procedures. The count room supervisor reports to the general manager, and works with the general manager and banker. This position is responsible for the sorters, counters and amalgamator.
Count Room Volunteer
Count room volunteers take on one of four possible jobs: 1. Sorter: Sorts all cash or chips by denomination 2. Counter: Counts the sorted cash or chips, by denomination 3. Recorder: Records the number of bills, coins, and chips counted 4. Amalgamator: Verifies the cash or chips counted and groups them into bundles and summarizes the cash and chips with the count room supervisor
General Manager
The General Manager works closely with our Advisor / Josephine / is introduced to the Casino manager, signs in the volunteers, and oversees the activities in the Cashiers Cage. All of the duties for signing in, entering information to begin the casino, signing of reports etc. are done under the watchful eye of the advisor, who makes sure that all the proper procedures are followed.
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