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With HavenHouse St. Louis

Joining the HavenHouse mission.

So, you want to volunteer for HavenHouse St. Louis? Wonderful!

Our patients and families are always thankful for the support from our team. Once you join the HavenHouse mission, you, too, can help them smile.

Below, you'll be able to create a TimeCounts account—the service we use to track volunteer activity and hours—so you can view new opportunities, get updates on assignments you've claimed, and track hours you've donated during an assignment.

Note: Creating a TimeCounts account is not the application process! To qualify as a volunteer, you must fill out the application here ( and receive approval from HavenHouse staff after an interview. You can create a TimeCounts account at any time, but you will not have access to assignments or activities until you've been approved to come on board.
About HavenHouse St. Louis
HavenHouse St. Louis exists because every person deserves a healthy life, the best medical treatment possible, and an affordable place to stay even when treatment takes them far from home. That's why we've made it our mission to ensure every patient can get the care they need when they need it.
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