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Below are some opportunities available to prospective volunteers at the Greenburgh Nature Center. Please read the description of each opportunity and select as many as you are interested in.


Volunteers interested in this position will be tasked with assisting our sustainability department with several initiatives. These include program material collection, maintenance of our demonstration garden and compost systems, helping collect and maintain the waste system inside of the Nature Center, assisting in our pollinator gardens, assembly and distribution of compost kits for sale, and conducting plant identification.

Building and Grounds

Volunteers interested in this position may be tasked with assisting with building cleaning, building renovation and repair projects, maintaining grounds particularly trails and walkways, as well as, other projects that help clean, maintain and restore the natural splendor of the Nature Center's grounds.


A Docent will act as a greeter, educator, and guide for our visitors at the Nature Center. Individuals interested in this position will develop their public speaking skills, natural history knowledge, and will teach visitors, young and old, about the natural world and the ecosystems present at the Nature Center at either an education table or by conducting guided tours throughout the property.

Animal Care and Husbandry

A volunteer interested in this position will be tasked with assisting in the care of the dozens of species present at the Nature Center inside its animal museum and farm area. Individuals interested in this will gain experience in proper animal handling, caring for the animals following a strict care schedule and routine, show and educate visitors about the animals and assisting with animal education programs, and assist in the upkeep of animal enclosures including cleaning.

Administration and Marketing

A volunteer in this position will be tasked with assisting with administration projects in our marketing department and our finance office. Individuals interested in these areas will be tasked with data entry, interactive guest experiences, assistance with social media and communications projects, and gift shop upkeep. Volunteers for this position should have some experience and knowledge of social media best practices, proficient writing skills and strong detail-orientation. Photography and design skills also a plus.

Artistry and Visual Design

A volunteer interested in this position will be tasked with using their artistic abilities to help highlight the beauty of our grounds and programs. Individuals interested in this should have some experience in one or all of the following: drawing, painting, photography, woodworking, sculpting, and or graphic design.

Terms and Conditions

This orientation is for individuals 14 years old and older. Anyone younger then 14 is will not be permitted to volunteer and should not participate in this orientation. For our younger volunteers, please use a professional, school or personal email when registering. DO NOT USE THE EMAIL OF A PARENT OR GAURDIAN. Finally, individuals 18 years or older will be subject to a background check before their first scheduled volunteer day.

Covid-19 Notice

The Nature Center is doing its part to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by requiring all staff and potential and current volunteers to follow current guidelines, no matter vaccination status. Failing to comply with this will result in not being able to participate in our volunteer programming.
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