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We are so excited to have you here! Our Parish Family can't do an event like this without your help and we are VERY grateful to have your participation.

Here are some guidelines to help you during your shift at the festival:

1. Please show up 10 minutes before your shift starts. This helps us make sure we have you to your booth in a timely manner. Please be respectful of the others who are working in your booth by being early.

2. PARKING FOR VOLUNTEERS: please Park in the southwest comer ofthe Jim Graham
Building. The southwest comer of the building is closest to Hillsborough Street and Youth Center Drive. There is a big grassy area which will be easy to access.

3. Please wear a hat. The health inspectors require us to have one on. If you did not bring
one, the t-shirt booth in the market place sells them.

a. If you did not purchase a BLUE volunteer shirt, please wear a BLUE t-shirt so
that our guests know who you are!

4. Please wear an apron. Same reasons as the hat.

5. When you arrive, here's what you will do:
a. Come in the main entrance to the festival.
b. Look for the table with the big VOLUNTEER sign and LOTS of balloons.
c. Check in and confirm your volunteer station.
d. Get your blue shirt (if you are already wearing a blue shirt, ignore the next step!)
e. Change into your blue shirt. f. Report to your booth by finding the CHAIR who will be in a
PURPLE parishioner shirt.
g. Work hard, smile a lot, and have fun! (Please stay off your phones and remember we are
here to work hard!)

6. When your shift is finished, here is what you will do:
a. Check in with your booth CHAIR and see i fthere is anything else you can do to
b. Make sure the NEXT shift is in the booth.
c. Welcome the NEXT shift and share any of your expertise.
d. Check in with the VOLUNTEER station to check out.

Please know that we will do everything we can to keep you in the booth for which you initially signed up. However, it is our job to keep the festival running smoothly and we may need to make a game day decision and redistribute volunteers. Please be loving, kind, and flexible when you arrive so that we can all make this the best festival ever.

Do you want a t-shirt?

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church parishioners become and act as one mind in order to continue the history and tradition of the Greek Festival and provide excellent service to the Raleigh community.
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