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MapYourVoice Global Team Application

Thanks for your interest in joining our global team. Please complete the following application, answering ALL questions under sections that apply to you as either a volunteer or internship applicant. We look forward to hearing from you.

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ALL VOLUNTEER APPLICANTS: Skip to AGREEMENT at the end of this application.


What is your current academic status?

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Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself, your experience, or your interest in interning for MapYourVoice?

ALL INTERNSHIP APPLICANTS: Please send a copy of your CV/resumé to

AGREEMENT (all applicants)


Terms and Conditions

MapYourVoice is an initiative of Global Change Project Inc., a U.S.-based nonprofit organization. I understand that, while I may gain many valuable experiences as a MapYourVoice volunteer or intern, these are unpaid positions. My participation within this organization is strictly voluntary. As a volunteer or intern, I agree to avoid participating in activities that will put me in any sort of harm’s way. I understand that Global Change Project Inc. does not assume responsibility for risks or harm that I am exposed to during or as a consequence of my participation with this project. I agree that all statements I made herein are true.
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