Drupal Programming (internship)
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Assignment Details
Flexible Role
For Summer and in Fall/Spring for students with minimal course loads, this is a 20-hour per week position. For students with a full course load in Fall and Spring, this is a 10-hour per week position. We will work with students on quarterly schedules as well.
About the Assignment
Are you a programmer who knows Drupal and who is interested in lending your efforts to a fantastic global project aimed at supporting sexual violence survivors worldwide? This project has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions (ok, 1.14 billion) survivors. And our platform aggregates valuable data to address the issue of sexual violence on a worldwide scale. The satisfaction potential as an intern is great.

We are looking for a self-motivated, creative, solution-oriented, tenacious Drupal programmer interested in coding for a great cause. MapYourVoice.org, which recently launched, is the product of an A-team of volunteer coders worldwide who have collaborated to make it what it is today. There is a whole host of new modules and functionalities we would still like to have developed and this internship is an excellent opportunity for a programmer who has the motivation, autonomy and ingenuity to make their mark by develop new systems for the platform.

This role offers the intern a total immersion into a leading-edge, digitally-based modern nonprofit organization. You’ll have the opportunity to gain support and guidance in your independently-driven efforts with seasoned programming professionals, while gaining valuable experience working on our remote global team using the latest technologies to grow our forward-thinking nonprofit organization. This position is open to interns worldwide looking to gain valuable experience making a global impact.
Working with Executive Director to determine which desired functionalities for the site are the best fit for your skillset, learning interests and summer internship timeframe.

Conduct preliminary and ongoing research as needed of existing modules that could be used or adapted to suit our application, online research of other programmers’ prior efforts in this area, and other useful background information that will allow the project(s) to be as well-informed and efficient.

Development of specific goals, project plan, and timeline within Trello project management environment in consultation with our professional programming advisory team and Executive Director.

Programming of module(s) in adherence to project guideline and parameters established by Executive Director and programming advisory team.

Seeking guidance, troubleshooting, and brainstorming support from appropriate team members as needed to produce the best possible outcome.

Staying responsive to timelines and communication with team members using Trello, Slack and GitHub.

Establishment of a local Drupal environment on your computer, checking in code as it is completed to our GitHub environment for review by programming advisory team members within staging environment prior to implementation on production site.

Receive and implement revisions requested by programming advisory team as needed.
What We’re Looking For
You know how to code in Drupal.
You are familiar and comfortable coding in a Drupal environment (our platform uses Drupal 7).

You're not only driven -- you can drive your own boat.
You have a “can do attitude” and know where to apply your skills to make an impact. You are a problem solver who thinks critically and pays attention to detail.

You’re independently…and a team player.
You're a self-starter -- even if you’re working from home (or a cafe) without the accountability of a group office environment, you'd work just as hard and just as focused. You are committed to keeping our team in the loop so our independent efforts work seamlessly together.

You have experience and education to back you up.
You're a student or recent grad in programming or a related or complimentary field. You have Drupal programming classes and previous Drupal experience under your belt.

You are committed to our mission.
You can connect with our organizational vision and are excited to employ your skills and experience to help us succeed. To learn more about our organization, visit: https://www.MapYourVoice.org.
What’s In It For You?
This is an unpaid internship - but is an exceptional opportunity to gain experience at a growing global nonprofit with an ambitious mission. Global Change Project is providing a timely, relevant solution to a significant social issue, so this internship offer an opportunity to make a significant impact and gain visibility in your field. We will gladly work with your institution to give you academic credit for your experience.
You'll start September 1, 2018 and work through the end of the Fall semester (end date corresponding to end of fall semester). While schedule for this position is flexible, this is a 10 to 20-hour per week position (depending upon the requirements of your school and other obligations). Work hours will need to be clearly stated (and at least some during business hours Mountain Standard Time) so we know when you are available to contact in realtime.
How to apply
Those looking to gain valuable Drupal programming experience with a growing organization are encouraged to apply. Send your resume and cover letter to: team@mapyourvoice.org.
We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2018 semester. The deadline for Fall internship application submissions is August 10, 2018.
Applications Open
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We are on a mission to end sexual violence worldwide.
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