FoodRaising Friends, Inc
Thank you for your interest in supporting your community through FRF! Welcome to our #VillageOfFriends!
FoodRaisingFriends, Inc
Milton, FL
About Us
Our Mission:
FoodRaisingFriends, Inc. provides food to children and families at risk for hunger during long breaks from school.
There is joy in knowing kiddos are home being fed. It's not a payoff we see face to face, but it is one we as a collective group make possible. It's an impact that makes our community a better place.
Becca McKeithen, Founder/Executive Director
Becca asked me once why I was so invested in FRF. Our mission is so simple. I never knew 1 in 4 kids suffer from hunger. Now I know better. And I believe it's vital to serve my own community.
Kate Bryan, Volunteer Queen/Board Member
I am great at serving when it comes to the last minute details and investing in the community. One Mission of Alyssa's is happy to support FRF.
Alyssa Shepper, Owner of Alyssa's/Friend of FRF
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