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Assignment Details
Each shift takes about 2 hours over a couple of days. It takes roughly an hour to prepare the flyers, and then an hour to distribute to your nominated streets - usually 3 to 4. You can do as many shifts as you feel able; ideally at least twice per month.
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
London, United Kingdom
About the Assignment
Flyers are currently our key publicity in order to generate donations for our collections. The Leafletter is a key member of the DoorStepper squad - without the leaflets, there would be no donations! Whilst out leafletting, you meet friendly neighbours and spread the word for our work - we field questions about how it qorks - and get many messages of encouragement and thanks!
We will deliver a stock of flyers to you a few days in advance of a planned collection. Firstly, you will need to write the date of the upcoming collection on each flyer. You then need to post them on your designated streets (usually 4ish) at least 48 hours ahead of the collection time to give people time to get their donation ready. We do ask that you wear gloves whilst delivering the flyers.

You may also want to publicise the collection using any local WhatApp or Facebook group or other network you might have. The DoorSteppers will publicise the collections on the NextDoor network also.

Finally, you need to confirm back to your local co-ordinator that this has been completed, so we can confirm to the collectors and driver that the collection is confirmed.

This role gives you flexibility to complete the responsibility to fit in with your daily routine, but still play an essential role in collections. It takes about 2 hours in total.

You need to be reasonably fit, and enjoy a brisk walk!

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About Foodbank DoorSteppers
We want to make sure that nobody in our community is short of food by making it super-easy for our community to donate. Our teams go house to house to connect the food in your cupboards to the Foodbank and onwards to challenged families. It's simple and yet powerful. Join us!
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