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Assignment Details
Each collection takes no more than one hour, plus your time to get to the meeting point which should be local to you. You are welcome to do as many shifts are you are able!!
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
London, United Kingdom
About the Assignment
We are running this project in close collaboration with the Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank. We collect donated food items from individual doorsteps and get them to the Foodbank to be shared with those most in need.

We have collected over 27 tonnes of food since March 2020! With more volunteers, we can cover more areas, and increase the contribution we make as a neighbourhood.
As a DoorStep Collector, you will be collecting donations and packing them safely in the boot of our delivery vehicle. You should say a cheery thank you - from a distance - if you meet a donor, as they sometime watch out to say hello.

You also need to be reasonably fit - over the average one-hour collection spot, you will walk a few kilometres. So joining will be good for your fitness and stepcount too!

Hear from our Squad
'It's impressive how a little local venture can make such a difference.

I'm so happy to be part of this team. Every time during a collection, when you spot a donation on a doorstep, it's like the Easter bunny has arrived!'

Sigrid Goddard

'It's great to see the generosity of the neighbourhood, and be able to collect and see full car boots full of donations that make a material difference to families in need. I would recommend the project to anyone'

Helene Robinson
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About Foodbank DoorSteppers
We want to make sure that nobody in our local community goes hungry. We go house to house collecting donations for the Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank, and take it to them to be shared with those in need. We provide a simple way for volunteers to do their bit, which makes a huge difference. Since we started we have collected 26 tonnes of food - enough for over 2,000 family-sized emergency food pshow more
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