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Assignment Details
Flexible Role
Collection shifts take approx 2 hours, and you can do as many shifts as you have the energy for! We also need Support Drivers to do one-off collections, or delivering flyers to the Leafletters from time to time - all should be local and take no more than an hour. Ideally you should undertake 2 shifts per month.
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
London, United Kingdom
About the Assignment
If you have a driving licence, a car, and some time to spare, why not sign up for this essential role in our Collection Squads? We need a Driver to accompany each collection, and we need Support Drivers to deliver leaflets to the Leafletters, and also to do some specific pre-booked collections which crop up from time to time.

As a driver, you will be a vital part of the team on collection day.

Your main responsibility will be to pack all the collected donations into your car safely and then deliver them to Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank in Olympia.
Driver's Licence and Vehicle
For collection day, you will meet the Collectors on the day at the agreed meeting point. You will then accompany the collectors while they collect from the doorsteps. Before a collection, you should line your car boot and seats with plastic covering - cut-open bin bags are ideal. During the collection, you will follow the Doorstep Collectors slowly in your car, making frequent stops for them to load the donations into your boot, and back seat. On a good day, your passenger seats and footwells will be packed full too!

At the end of the round, you will drive to the Foodbank site in Olympia, where a member of the team there will unload the food.

You can also apply to shifts as a support driver, which can be more flexible. We need people to collect leaflets from the organisers Margaret or Dan, in Shepherds Bush, and deliver them to the Squad Leafletter, ideally 4 days before a collection is to take place. We also need volunteer drivers to do ad hoc collections, where a donor has pre-booked a collection, and deliver to the Foodbank in Olympia.

At present we cannot contribute to your expenses, as we are a voluntary organisation with no income. Whilst most private insurance policies will cover you for voluntary work, we recommend that you check your own cover. We are hugely grateful for the generosity of our Driver volunteers. You're the best!
Hear from our Squad
'I am a volunteer driver helping to collect food and grocery items that kind and generous individuals leave on their doorsteps. It is so uplifting to see so many kind caring people in the community who care about helping others' Joslyn Gooding
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We want to make sure that nobody in our community is short of food by making it super-easy for our community to donate. Our teams go house to house to connect the food in your cupboards to the Foodbank and onwards to challenged families. It's simple and yet powerful. Join us!
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