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No-one should go hungry. Take action by helping us to get food from the doorsteps of our neighbours to the Foodbank.
Foodbank DoorSteppers
About Us
Our Mission:
We want to make sure that nobody in our local community goes hungry. We go house to house collecting donations for the Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank, and take it to them to be shared with those in need. We provide a simple way for volunteers to do their bit, which makes a huge difference. Since we started we have collected 26 tonnes of food - enough for over 2,000 family-sized emergency food parcels. Why not help us to do even more?
Meet the Foodbank DoorSteppers
The Foodbank DoorSteppers is a local group who want to make sure that no-one in our local community goes hungry. We are not a charity, just like-minded individuals who have come together to collect and redistribute donations to the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough’s Foodbank. We are an OFFICIAL partner however, and since our inception at the end of March, we have collected an astonishing 15 tonnes of food items, over 1/3 of their total donations. With your help, this could be so much more!!

And it needs to be more. The Trussell Trust has reported a soaring 81% increase for emergency food parcels from food banks in its network during the last two weeks of March 2020, compared to the same period in 2019 – including a 122% rise in parcels given to children, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold.

It's not always easy to support your local Foodbank, despite your best intentions, especially during Covid-19. You may not be visiting your supermarket where you normally donate; you may not want to travel to the Foodbank as you normally do; you may well simply forget given the strange times we live in. That's where the DoorSteppers come in.

Across the whole of the Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, The DoorSteppers organise collections of food items from the doorsteps of the borough residents, and then deliver to the Foodbank site in Olympia.

We are from all walks of life, coming together to do our bit to support our neighbours in need. We know we are making a difference ……Come and join us!

To sign up, you firstly need to set up a Timecounts account (this is the system we use to organise ourselves). You then need to 'apply' to be a Doorsteppers volunteer - either as a leafletter, a collector, or a driver - or you can apply to do more than one role.

During this process, you will hear back from us via email - PLEASE check your junk email, as we have heard that sometimes this is where our emails end up. We would hate you to feel like we were ignoring you ;-)

You should be accepted within 24 hours, again you will hear via email. Then you simply come back to this site, click on the Opportunities button, and apply for the Volunteer role you want to take on. Once accepted, again you , to see what collections we are running. You will get full instructions for the collection you are joining - tailored to whether you are a leafletter, driver or collector. You'll also hear from your squad via WhatsApp confirming the meeting point details etc the night before the collection.

Become a Volunteer
They've been able to galvanise the community in a way that we sometimes struggled to. Over 7 tonnes have been collected and we are excited at the prospect of continuing to work in partnership.
Daphine Akins, CEO - Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank
Partners and Funding
We work in close partnership with our local Foodbank, and we are very grateful for the support we receive from Hammersmith United Charities.
Meet Margaret, The Original DoorStepper
I’ve was brought up with strong values particularly from my Mum to always to offer to help! So, when witnessing this crisis, I couldn't stand by. I was not alone - we saw an outpouring of goodwill.
March seems like a long time ago, the blanket broadcasts about shortages of key items in the shops, news that Foodbanks were inundated with requests, all topped with news that UK homes were holding over a £1bn of food items. Everywhere, people were looking for ways to help in some small way; safely within the guidelines of lockdown.

It struck me that an opportunity existed to bring these factors together. Hence, the idea of the DoorSteppers; it was safe, simple and open to all, while meeting a real and immediate need."

Margaret has over 30 years of executive and consultancy experience across the public, private & voluntary sectors, covering a range of industries. She started her career here in LBH&F, and then worked in the private sector with brands such as Nike, Unilever and Channel 4.
The more volunteers we have, the closer we get to eliminating hunger in Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Fulham.
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