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Facing Homelessness invites all of us to come closer, to reach out and to create caring, human connection with people experiencing homelessness and with one another.

Our programs are designed to bring people into connection, reduce fear of the unknown, and build our capacity for compassion which leads to action. Our aim is to truly humanize homelessness because when we see someone we know is suffering, we’re more willing to act.

If you want to learn more / get involved:
-Sign up on Timecounts for the next Facing Homelessness orientation (*required to volunteer at the Window of Kindness. NOT required for BLOCK Project or Community CleanUP events).
-Check out programs on the Facing Homelessness website: www.facinghomelessness.org/programs.
-Join us on Facebook!
-Indicate which programs are of interest to you (below).
-Check out upcoming opportunities to get involved and sign up for an activity on Timecounts.

We look forward to connecting with you!


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About Facing Homelessness
We invite community to be a part of the solution to homelessness.
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