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Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth
Toronto, Canada
About Us
Our Mission:
Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth provides safe shelter, supportive services, and long-term solutions to youth homelessness. We believe all young people deserve safe, affordable housing, great support, and access to the resources to reach their full potential.
Eva's is such a welcoming environment. It accepts people for who they are and creates a space where people can be themselves.
Chetan, Financial Literacy Program Facilitator Volunteer
I think it’s important to volunteer because it is about paying your knowledge and passion forward.
Dana, Cooking Program Facilitator Volunteer
Eva’s goes above and beyond to not only help in the ‘here and now’ but to also look at the bigger picture and help youths to build a brighter future,
Shaun, Social Media Specialist
Eva’s is an amazing place that supports youth in many ways. Not only do they provide shelter for youth, they also work with the youth to help them back on their feet.
Yasmin, Dietetic Student
The best part about volunteering at Eva's is the team. Hands-down. They are a warm, kind and passionate group of people who clearly love what they do.
Meredyth, Donor Relations Volunteer
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