Open Books General Volunteer Application

Please complete the following application to share about you and your interest in becoming a volunteer with Open Books.

All volunteers are currently required to submit a background check, confirm full COVID-19 vaccination (including booster), and participate in relevant training(s). If you have any questions or concerns, please include them in this application or contact us at




Primary Phone

Primary Address


How did you hear about Open Books?

Volunteer Interest & Availability


Which Open Books volunteer role(s) are you interested in?

Reading Buddies and Outreach Team are only available in North Lawndale; Bookstore Volunteers can select any of our three retail locations (as availability allows).

When are you available to volunteer?

Our bookstores & warehouse have shifts throughout the week, but Reading Buddies largely takes place on weekday mornings & afternoons.

How frequently are you available to volunteer?

Do you speak any languages other than English? Please share which one(s) and your level of fluency for each.

Do you have any special skills we should know about?


Do you have access to a car?


Are you seeking required volunteer hours (i.e., service learning, court-ordered community service, academic credit)?

If you answered "yes" to the question above, how many hours are you seeking?

Do you have any questions or comments you'd like to share?

Additional Information

The following questions are related to your identity and demographic information. We request this information so that we can best understand our volunteer applicant pool as a whole, identify where we may be failing to welcome individuals, and improve our recruitment process.

All questions are required, but you have the option to answer "Prefer Not to Disclose" for all the questions in this section. Definitions below are per the Equal Employment Advisory Council.

Which selection below includes your age?


Which of the below includes your race/ethnicity? Please select all that apply.

If none of the categories above fit your identity, please share your race/ethnicity here.


Please select the option(s) below that best describe your gender pronoun(s).

If none of the gender pronouns listed above fit your identity, please share your gender pronouns here.

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