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Terms and Conditions

In consideration of an opportunity to volunteer at the not-for-profit organization called Kingston Animal Rescue (“KAR”), I, (“Volunteer”), agree to the following terms and conditions, intending to be legally bound by them:

1. Voluntary Acknowledgement and Participation. I acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to serve as Volunteer for KAR.

2. Nature and Scope of Services. As Volunteer, I will be contributing my time and effort to various rescue and outreach programs of KAR and performing a wide range of services consistent with the goals of KAR (“Services”) as assigned by an officer, director or another volunteer of KAR. In the course of performing Services, I agree:

a. To read the Volunteer Handbook (if applicable) and complete all required orientation, training, and paperwork relating to my volunteer position(s);

b. To disclose any physical or psychological limitations I may have to appropriate officers or directors before participating in any activity. Since I may be interacting with animals, healthy and sick, big and small, and I may be lifting, carrying, moving, or otherwise engaging in physical labour, I will respect my own limitations and will inform a representative immediately of any such limitations;

c. To read and to obey all safety rules and regulations of KAR. In the interest of the safety of the animals, directors, officers and volunteers, I acknowledge that KAR has the right to revoke volunteer privileges if these rules and regulations are not followed;

d. To treat all KAR directors, officers, volunteers, and animals with respect and kindness, and to use all KAR property, tools and equipment properly and safely;

e. To return all KAR property to KAR when my role as Volunteer ends.

3. No Compensation. I agree to provide Services with no claim, now or in the future, to any type of compensation or reimbursement.

4. No Agency. I am not an agent or contractor of KAR. I do not expect to become an employee, partner, agent, contractor or principal of KAR upon execution of this Agreement or the performance of Services.

5. Insurance. I acknowledge that I am responsible for providing my own medical, liability, and auto insurance (where applicable) for Services. I understand that I am not covered by Workers' Compensation nor insured by KAR during the performance of Services, including when driving a vehicle or transporting an animal.

6. Assumption of Risk. As Volunteer, I may come into contact with and interact with animals, and such work entails risk of personal injury due to proximity to animals, dangerous equipment, long-distance driving, and other considerations. Risks include, but are not limited to, being bitten, kicked, clawed, tripped, and possible exposure to animal illness and disease. I am voluntarily providing Services with full knowledge of the risks and dangers involved with the handling of animals and other activities organized by KAR. I hereby accept any and all risks of injury or damage to myself and/or my personal property.

7. Release. By acknowledging my assumption of risks under Section 6, I hereby release KAR from all actions, claims, or demands that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury or damage resulting from my participation in activities and performances of Services, or resulting from any act, omission, negligence or other acts, howsoever caused, by any employee, agent, contractor, or representative of KAR.

8. Confidentiality. During my association with KAR and thereafter, I will keep confidential, refrain from disclosing to others, and use only in the performance of Services, all confidential information of KAR that I develop or learn about during the course of my association. I understand that this Agreement covers all confidential business and technical information and know-how of or about KAR which is not generally known to persons outside of KAR and which I have not been specifically authorized to disclose or use. Examples of confidential information include, but are not limited to, information on finances, membership and donors, volunteer performance, the condition of rescued animals, campaigns, outreach programs and information received from others that KAR has agreed to keep confidential.

9. Termination. This Agreement can be terminated at any time, with or without reason, by either KAR or me.

10. Term of Agreement. I acknowledge that the provisions hereof shall be deemed to have become effective and binding on the date I first perform Services for KAR or on the date this Agreement is signed, if that precedes the former event. This Agreement will remain effective as long as I continue my role as Volunteer and thereafter as is necessary to protect the interests and rights of KAR.

I have carefully read and understood this Agreement and I am fully aware that I will relinquish all claims or actions known now or in the future against KAR. By signing my name, I acknowledge that I am competent and of legal age. I am signing this Agreement of my own free will without the influence of a KAR director or officer.
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