Booth Centre Volunteer Application Form





Mobile Number

Home Phone number


Home Address


Birthdate - you need to be over 18


What sort of volunteering are you interested in?


How often would you like to volunteer?

Other amount - please give details



Other times you are available:


Please tell us why you would like to volunteer at the Centre and what skills or experience you have.


Do you have personal experience of homelessness?

We welcome people with personal experience of homelessness, but this isn't a requirement.

Do you have any other specialist skills or relevant training you would like us to know about?

We provide full training and support for all our volunteers, so you don't need any specialist skills

Any other skills or details of the above?

Reference Contact Details + Checks

Please give us the names of two people who have agreed to provide a reference for you. This can be anyone who has known you for some time but not a relative.

Referee 1

Email address for Referee 1

Phone number for Referee 1


Referee 2

Email address for Referee 2

Phone number for Referee 2


Criminal Record Check

As The Booth Centre is used by vulnerable adults, all our volunteers must have an Enhanced DBS check (this is a check made by the Disclosure and Barring Service which has replaced the old CRB check system). Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us. This will depend on the circumstances and background of your offences.

Are you willing to have a DBS Check?

Details of criminal convictions

Please give details of any criminal convictions here, or you can ask to discuss these with us.

How did you hear about us?


Emergency Contact


How should we make contact with them in case of an emergency?

Please state any medical, dietary or allergy information which we should know about.

Equal Opportunities

The Booth Centre does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious beliefs. In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts and ensure we consider the needs of all our staff and volunteers, please consider the following optional questions


Describe your gender

Do you identify as transgender?

Sexual Orientation

Describe your sexual orientation


Describe your ethnicity


Describe your religion

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