Houston Intervention
With Elijah Rising
Event Details
27 August 2021
Elijah Rising Main Office, 2717 N Sabine St
Houston, TX, United States
About the Event
Available Roles
Hotel Awareness Team
Teams will visit hotels that are listed on a pre-designated route. Volunteers will speak with the desk clerk or manager about human trafficking, offering them resources to educate all staff members. Volunteers will also offer prayer.
IMB Teamfull
Volunteers visit suspected Massage Parlors/ Brothels with a trained Elijah Rising Team Leader
Outreach Hub
Through our partnership with Rescue America, we are able to obtain numbers of women who have been listed online for sale. Volunteers will be partnered together to make phone calls to those women.
Prayer Team
The prayer Team will remain on location and pray as a group for the duration of the Intervention
Strip Club Team
A team will be deployed to visit multiple SOBs (sexually oriented businesses) in the area. The team will bring gifts, resources, and offer prayer to the women they encounter. This is a Women Only team.
About Elijah Rising
Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, ​and restoration.
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