Houston Intervention & Prayer
With Elijah Rising
Event Details
22 March 2019
8:00pm11:00pm CDT
Launch Houston, 2800 Antoine Dr., Suite 2842
Houston , TX, United States
About the Event
Houston Intervention puts boots on the ground to fight sex trafficking and allows us to build relationships, let women know they are valued, and bring hope, light and encouragement into dark places.

You will have the chance to sign up to be a part of one of six teams: (1) Prayer/Intercession (2) Brothel (Asian Massage Parlor) (3) Street (4) Cantina (5) Strip Clubs (women only) or (6) Hotel Awareness.

We start with worship, then a group briefing that includes safety and practical guidelines. We then break out into small teams, where a team lead gives a more detailed briefing and instructions before the team deploys to its assigned route. (The Prayer/Intercession team hangs back, fielding prayer requests and gaining ground spiritually, while all other teams go out into the field.)

All volunteers will be paired with team leaders with experience in our intervention models, so no prior experience is necessary.

Please remember to bring a photo ID!
About Elijah Rising
Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, ​and restoration.
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