Katy Intervention
With Elijah Rising
Event Details
8 March 2019
7:00pm11:00pm CST
Christ's Mercy Church, 3506 Porter Rd
Katy, TX, United States
About the Event
We do more than 36 outreaches a year across the Greater Houston area. Through Intervention we provide women with resources to find a way out of the sex industry. We begin every Intervention night with a time of prayer and worship followed by training.

During Intervention, we will brief you on how to approach trafficked and what to do if you encounter a sex buyer. You and a small team will visit local establishments and begin to reach out to all who are there. You will build relationships, let women know they are valued, and start to bring light into these dark places. A prayer team will remain behind while teams go out.

All volunteers are paired with team leaders that have experience​ in our Intervention models.
About Elijah Rising
Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, ​and restoration.
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