Katy Intervention Site Leader
With Elijah Rising
Assignment Details
About the Assignment
Intervention Site Coordinators help oversee the Elijah Rising Intervention site which includes planning, organizing, staffing and leading Intervention. This role works hand in hand with the Intervention Director.
Individuals who enjoy speaking in front of others
Applicants must have a reliable form of transportation
Commit to volunteer once a month
What to Expect
This is a once a month commitment to coordinate an Intervention for Elijah Rising from 6:30 pm to 12 pm on one Friday a month.​ Once you fill out an application, you will have an in-person interview before being offered a position as one of our Intervention Site Coordinators. After being accepted, 12 hours of training are required before overseeing an Intervention.
Applications Open
About Elijah Rising
Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, ​and restoration.
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