Tandem Captain
With Delta Gamma Center
Assignment Details
Short Term Role
Weekly rides, April through September.<br> Alternating Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments, 1750 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Richmond Heights, MO, 63117, United States
About the Assignment
Life is a beautiful ride! The Tandem Adventurers program started over 10 years ago with the intention of giving children with visual impairments an opportunity to experience the joy of cycling.

Each part consists of a stoker (age 10 - 18), a visually impaired rider, and a captain, a sighted rider in the front of the bike. Captains, also called pilots, pedal in the front of tandems, controlling the steering, shifting, and braking. Stokers are the participants who are blind or visually impaired who pedal from the rear seat of the tandem, adding power, making the bike go faster and farther.

DGCkids is fortunate enough to have an impressive fleet of Cannondale and Co-Motion tandem bicycles, including some modified bikes.

We generally meet at the Delta Gamma Center (1750 S. Big Bend Blvd) and ride a 15-20 mile loop from the center to Forest Park and back. Volunteers either serve as a captain or as a solo rider. Solo riders are imperative to ensuring that we stay together, mechanical issues get dealt with and mostly that we're safe throughout the ride. Solo riders critical to ensuring the health and safety of our stokers during rides.

What We’re Looking For
Skilled cyclists, who have a passion for sharing their love of cycling with children. In addition, volunteers who can commit to an every other week ride on either Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings April through September. Rides are typically 2 hours long, and can range from 15 - 20 miles.

Training on how to ride a tandem with a stoker, and other supports will provided by DGCkids for each volunteer. Safety is a top priority, and we would never put a volunteer or child in a situation without proper training.

Please watch our Captain Training Video! Click here to view https://youtu.be/_0QTFgJQ09c

Tandem Adventurers is incredibly rewarding; as captains and solo riders, we are able to share our love of cycling with youth who otherwise would not be able to experience the sense of freedom and camaraderie this sport provides to athletes.

The group works to increase his or her own personal fitness level, learn to work as a team member, and enjoy a sport that is not generally accessible to children with visual impairments.
Tips for Tandem Adventurers Captains
---Check to make sure the stoker's shoes are tied securely before getting on the bike.
---Captains should use a wide stance, apply the breaks, and hold the bike steady while the stoker gets on the cycle
---Once on the bike, Captains need to communicate with Stokers where to position the pedals for take off; and cue the stoker when ready to push off "one, two, three, go!"
---Communicate with the stoker about when you need to coast, when you will resume pedaling; teach the stoker to signal turns for you; provide warnings for them when shifting, slowing, stopping, beginning a climb, etc.
---When stopping, inform the stoker which foot you'll be putting down, so he/she can shift their weight accordingly.
---Talk about your surroundings; what do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell?
---Remind the stoker to drink water
---Follow the rules of the road
---Stay with the group! Communicate with other captains so the group can maintain a steady pace, and stay together.
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