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There is no mandatory time required for helping as a volunteer, however, if you share your availability we may be able to better optimize when we ask for your help on a project!



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Volunteer Agreement

The Volunteer is willing to donate their time and services to the Organization, Designed Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, in turn the organization is willing to accept such time and service by the Volunteer.

By agreeing to volunteer at Organization, you agree that any work produced is property of the organization. You have the right to share any work produced, however, you must attribute it to the Organization. We reserve the right to use or not use any work produced on our website, platform, social media accounts, or other mediums.

The volunteer understands the services provided will be a donation and under no circumstances will expect wages, salary, or benefits from the organization for the services provided within this volunteer agreement.

The Volunteer agrees to indemnify and hold the Organization harmless against any damages related to the Volunteer’s activity. Additionally, the Organization shall hold the Volunteer harmless against any damages related to the Volunteer’s service.

Because the Volunteer is not an active employee, they may terminate this volunteer agreement at any time for any reason they deem necessary.

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Designed is a non-profit organization focused on empowering the designers of tomorrow through educational tools and mentoring.
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