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Volunteering with Deck the Wards is easy and flexible.

We don't make volunteers apply for a particular role or commit to a minimum number of hours. Instead, volunteers can use this hub to sign up to particular tasks or to let us know how they'd like to volunteer.

You can sign up for as many, or as few tasks, as often as you like.

This way, volunteers can volunteer in a way that suits them and we benefit from your skills and time. We consider this a win-win!

Use this form to let us know a few important details, or feel free to email us as deckthewards@gmail.com




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Feel free to let us know how you would like us to refer to you. For example: he/him, she/her, they/them etc.

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How would you like to help?

Let us know what sorts of volunteering you would be interested in. E.g. fundraising opportunities, blogging, website design, administrative support etc.
About Deck the Wards
Deck the Wards is a brand new charity based in South East London. We donate boxes of fun, exciting and comforting items to child and adolescent psychiatric hospitals during the holiday periods. We need volunteers to help us with a wide range of tasks - let us know how you can help!
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