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For more than 25 years, the Environmental Film Festival has played a critical role in bringing together filmmakers, policymakers, scientists, educators, and citizens committed to the future of our planet.
Volunteering at DCEFF opened up a new community of friends and fellow caretakers of our planet.
Susan K., Usher, 2016
Volunteering in 2018!
Our rewards-based system honors our Volunteer Community's time and commitment to the festival with on-site snacks, restaurant and coffee vouchers — and a few major prize packages which include invitations to studio sneak peek screenings, special museum tours, gift cards to area retailers and a Thank You Party, after the festival has wrapped.

We've implemented a 1:1 work/watch program: for every volunteer shift you complete, you will receive one voucher to watch selected films during the festival, or at one of our year-round events.

So come join your friends from previous festivals or make new friends, as our volunteer community continues to grow each year!

If you have questions, send us an email; volunteer@dceff.org
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