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Our Mission:
Our mission is to empower communities and persons affected by HIV/AIDS in the state of Indiana by being a leading resource, provider, and advocate for comprehensive HIV/AIDS care, prevention, education, and related services.
Effective July 29, 2021

Masks will be required for anyone entering Damien Cares, the Damien Center lobby, the Food Pantry, or any public-facing space. Masks will be provided for those who do not have one readily available.

Why, you may ask, when the rest of the county is opening up?
• There is a rise in cases of different strains of COVID-19.
• The immune systems of many of our patients are compromised.
• The typical flu/cold season will be upon us soon.
• We do many things to help support/protect our patients in other ways, this is just another.
Help us end HIV in Central Indiana.
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