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Our mission is to empower communities and persons affected by HIV/AIDS in the state of Indiana by being a leading resource, provider, and advocate for comprehensive HIV/AIDS care, prevention, education, and related services.
Updated Volunteer Disciplinary Policy - Please Read
Damien Center has updated the volunteer disciplinary policy. This new policy is effective as of Friday, February 26, 2021. Please read the full policy below:

Volunteers are subject to disciplinary actions when they have engaged in any type of willful misconduct. Damien Center will provide volunteers with notice of deficiencies and an opportunity to improve whenever practical or reasonable. Volunteers’ performance and conduct is evaluated on an ongoing basis, with feedback provided when necessary. The type and severity of disciplinary action depends on the type or frequency of the offense. Informal discussions may be used to ensure that volunteers know and follow rules and standards. These discussions should focus on clarifying expectations, providing appropriate training and development, and coaching volunteers. In some cases, formal disciplinary action may be deemed appropriate. Progressive discipline steps may include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension, and termination of service. In all instances of discipline, Damien Center retains sole discretion and authority to administer discipline in any manner it sees suitable and any of the steps listed above may be skipped. Termination of volunteer status may occur at any time without progressive discipline steps having been taken.
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