Park Steward
With City of Chattanooga Park Stewards
Assignment Details
Long Term Role
2 site visits per month
TN, United States
About the Assignment
Help ensure the health of the Chattanooga Parks system by assisting with light maintenance activities, reporting maintenance needs and suspicious activity, and encourage an overall positive use of public space. Park Stewards will work with Parks staff in determining which park will benefit most from their efforts and will be most convenient for them.
Customer Service
Environmental Protection
Maintenance efforts will be tailored to your adopted park and may include:
• Picking up litter, limbs, and debris.
• Clearing hard surfaces (parking areas, paths, pavilions, etc.) of dirt, sand, and rocks.
• Cleaning benches, picnic tables, and signs (occasional re-painting).
• Light landscaping, such as pulling weeds and adding mulch.
• Removing vegetation to maintain a clear corridor on walking paths.
• Checking trees, shrubs, and landscaping. Water as needed, remove dead branches, and report dead vegetation.
• Removing ash from grills.

Report any damage to facilities - broken water fountains, tables, etc.

Check conditions of amenities, such as ball courts, play equipment, etc. and report damage.

Observe and report suspicious activity.

Be a visible and approachable representative of Chattanooga Parks.
• At least 18 years old or 15 if accompanied by an adult.
• Pass a background check.
• Able to work independently and take direction from the volunteer program coordinator.
• Able to interact with other volunteers, the public, and parks staff in a professional manner.
• Be committed to the mission and goals of the Chattanooga Parks system.
• Able to work outdoors, in various weather conditions and on natural surface terrain.
• Able to provide own mode of transportation and appropriate outdoor clothing.
• Attend orientation and other relevant training as needed.
• Abide by the rules and regulations of the park and established volunteer policies and procedures as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.
• Commit to a minimum of two park visits per month for a year.
What’s In It For You?
• Learn about and contribute to the mission of Chattanooga Parks
• Learn new, transferable skills in park maintenance and public interaction.
• Be a part of a community to better our park system.
• Receive incentives through the volunteer recognition program.
• Be publicly recognized for volunteering at your adopted park.
• Build references and community service hours for employment or academic purposes.
Applications Open
About City of Chattanooga Park Stewards
To significantly improve the environmental and aesthetic quality of our parks and greenways by organizing and promoting volunteerism and stewardship.
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