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Thursday, May 20 Vaccine HUB Aloha Thursday - Wear your Hawaiian shirt or BV HUB Volunteer t-shirt
Saturday, May 22 - BV Community Volunteer opportunity - fundraiser for BV veterans - IceHouse Bryan
Thursday, June 3 Vaccine HUB Aloha Thursday - Wear your Hawaiian shirt or BV HUB Volunteer t-shirt
Thursday, June 3 - Volunteer Appreciation @ Bombers Baseball

See you at the HUB!
1. How do I sign up for shifts?

• Sign into your TimeCounts account, go to the BV Vaccine HUB
• Under the picture header, click on “Opportunities”
• Available shifts for which you are qualified are displayed.
• New shifts are added at frequent intervals as the needs of the HUB are still evolving.
• You will be notified when new shifts are available.
• Cancellations are received all the time and the waitlist is used to fill those slots.

2. What will I be doing?
Job descriptions can be seen here - /bv-vaccinehub
“Opportunities” middle of the page, right side
“Assignments” Left column

3. Will there be training?

You will sign in with your Supervisor, who will provide an orientation and directions.

4. Do volunteers get the vaccine?

While it is possible that a volunteer may be allowed to receive a vaccination from leftover amounts at the end of the day on which they work, there is no guarantee or promise that this will happen. Vaccine supplies are strictly limited by state allocation. Please consider this if you are planning to travel to the hub from outside the Brazos Valley.

5. Are all the shifts on weekdays?

For the immediate future, the HUB is scheduled to operate on weekdays with client appointments scheduled from 8:00 am – 4pm at 15-minute intervals. This was designed to accommodate current weekly amounts of vaccines that Brazos County is receiving and existing event contracts at the Brazos Center on Fridays and Saturdays. If operations increase to match increased availability of vaccines, this could change.

As a member of the HUB, you will be informed if location, days, or hours are expanded and new shifts are available.

6. Why are the shifts only available one week at a time?

Regrettably, the State doesn't tell us how much vaccine they are allocating for the next week until about Wednesday of each week. We set up the patient appointments, and subsequently the volunteer shifts needed to staff those appointments based on the State's allocation of vaccine. Until the State gets consistent with allocation, we do our best to publish the available shifts for the following week no later than Thursday.

7. Can I make arrangements to arrive later or leave earlier than the stated shift?

Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate a flexible volunteer work schedule because of the nature of the work at the clinic. Each assignment has a purpose and is needed for the duration of the shift. It takes approximately 100 volunteers to run the clinic each shift.

8. What is the Dress Code for Volunteers?
a. Closed toed shoes (no sandals)
b. Refrain from wearing any clothing with political views or social causes. The BV Vaccine HUB is neutral.
c. No short shorts or bare midriffs.
d. Dress for Texas weather if your assignment is outside. Hats and sunscreen are advised.
e. Dress comfortably – be especially kind to your feet.

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