BSidesSF 2023
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21 - 23 April 2023
135 4th St
San Francisco, CA, 94103, United States
About the Event
BSidesSF is a security event that would not be possible without the work of our local community. Every year, the organizers work hard to build a fun and exciting agenda so you can experience the latest in cool security happenings. However, we rely on contributions from volunteers like you to help with various tasks before and throughout the event. Join us!
87 slots remaining
Available Roles
These roles require strong communication skills and a lot of attendee interaction, including General Registration, Information Desk, and Coat Check.
These roles may require higher levels of operational experience and agency, including Registration Bag Stuffing and Floaters. They do not require as much attendee interaction.
Safety Ops
Safety Ops is the group at the con which helps to ensure the safety of our attendees, speakers and guests against threats to their well being and to the con. Some examples are: ombudspersons, safety monitors, crowd control and sometimes security guards. Public Safety is not EMS, law enforcement, or fire although we support and extend their reach.
In this position, you will be responsible for the appearance of the venue and ultimately support the overall BSidesSF experience! This is a brief overview of what to expect, but you’ll receive more detailed instructions at the start of your shift.
Social Media
This role will require talking with guests and sponsors about their experience at the event. You will be tweeting/posting from your personal account & sharing photos with the Team Lease to post to the BsidesSF account.
87 slots remaining
87 slots remaining
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87 slots remaining
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135 4th St
San Francisco
United States