Join BCP's relief effort for Ukrainian refugees
Volunteers are collecting and transporting quality food, clothing and other essentials to the people who need them most.
Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine
About Us
Our Mission:
Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine provides support from the BCP area to the hundreds of thousands who have been forced to leave their homes and belongings in order to flee the war and reach Poland for safety.
We want the people of Ukraine to know that the UK is with them, we have not forgotten them.
Karol Swiacki, Campaign Organiser
Supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland
Poland is Ukraine’s direct neighbour and already over half a million refugees have fled across the Polish border.
Karol Swiacki, a member of BCP's Polish community, launched this campaign. Because of Karol’s connections with various cities, towns and charities on the Poland / Ukraine border he is receiving direct requests for urgent aid.

Together, volunteers from across the BCP area have worked fast to start raising both funds and donations of items required by refugees, including toiletries, medical equipment, food, clothing, blankets and more.
How to help
We need essential items and volunteers to help process and transport donations to those in desperate need.
If you have items to donate please see the current requirements below.

If you have time to give for sorting items in our warehouse, or can help with transport locally or to Poland, please click 'volunteer now' above for ways to get involved.
Want to make a physical donation?
When donating items, please consider that refugees are arriving in Poland with nothing, hungry and cold. You can help best by providing the following quality items:

Baby bottles, new teats & Milton sterilising fluid
First aid supplies / medicines
Torches / batteries / power banks
Sleeping bags / tents

Hygiene essentials
Long shelf-life / instant food
Waterproof jackets
Thermoses / disposable cutlery
Preparing your donation
It is helpful if you are able to separate items, for example packing different types of clothing or food separately, and labelling your bags or boxes where possible.
Where and when to donate
For physical donations, the drop-off location is in the vacant unit next to JD Sports in the Castlepoint Shopping Centre, at the following times:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Saturday. 10am - 3pm

Thank you for the support!
We have already put together a team of over 100 volunteers who are receiving and sorting donations every day. These donations are then organised so that only items required are actually sent directly to contacts, refugee centres, childrens homes and a network of contacts working on the ground in both Ukraine and Poland. We have warehouses at Hurn Airport and in Poole where pallets of aid are organised ready to be loaded onto trucks. So the right aid, gets to to the right people, fast.

Medical supplies have already made it all the way to Lviv to be further distributed further East into Ukraine. We now have lorries leaving Bournemouth to Poland and Ukraine a number of days per week. Contacts in Poland are regularly updating us on the latest items and support required. From Childrens clothing, milk bottles and toiletries, all the way through to feminine and medical care equipment.

Whilst the national charities are obviously doing a fantastic job at raising millions of pounds for BIG aid, it is important to keep a network of smaller groups and support groups working fast, in a fluid environment, well supported.

In addition to the generosity of local residents, we have received extensive support from local businesses.

Castlepoint shopping centre in Bournemouth stepped in to provide a warehouse facility for the collection, organisation and distribution of goods. Local businesses have come forward to provide donation points, vans, technical, fund raising and other practical support.

The immediate response has been astounding and humbling to witness. Thank you to everyone involved!
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Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine
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