Bloo19 Tour Foodservice & Merchandise Positions
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19 June - 10 August 2019
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN, United States
About the Event
Assist us in preparing and serving 800 meals per day on the Bluecoats Food Truck! You'll work with the foodservice management team to store and organize inventory, prepare ingredients, cook meals according to our recipes, serve 4 meals daily, then clean and prepare for moving!

Each individual volunteer must sign up separately (including couples and children). ONLY ONE PERSON PER SHIFT.
Available Roles
NON-TOURING Foodservice Volunteer
This is a foodservice volunteer that is COMMUTING to a Bluecoats tour stop to volunteer.
Food Preparation and Serving
TOURING Foodservice Volunteer
This is a TOURING position that will travel overnight on a sleeper coach (in a bed!) and live the drum corps life. NOTE: Please sign up for each day that you plan to be on tour. For instance, if you plan to arrive on June 23rd and tour with us for 5 days, then sign up individually for the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th. It's helpful to us if you sign up on the 28th as a NON-TOURING volunteer since you are leaving that day and will be checking-out of your bunk.
Food Preparation and Serving
About Bluecoats
Bluecoats provides programming for youth in music and performance training. Leadership, personal, character and social development skills are emphasized through the challenge, excitement, and self-discipline through travel, competition, and pursuit of excellence.
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